• Projects supported from H2020 funds and their relationship with the BLUEMED Initiative (Sept 2019)

    This document is a preliminary analysis of a tailored survey addressed to a number of coordinators of ongoing projects funded by EU Horizon 2020 Programme, highlighting their synergies with the BLUEMED Initiative. The specific objectives and results of the projects analysed contribute towards the bigger picture by providing evidence, innovative ideas and actions for addressing the challenges and opportunities of the blue economy in the Mediterranean Sea. The conclusions are thus useful for the BlueMed SRIA update and to feed the Implementation Plan, which is being developed with the support of the BLUEMED-CSA. Moreover, the questions and methodology put in place can pilot a tool for addressing and monitoring strategic actions and their impacts.

  • BLUEMED Mediterranean Research Infrastructures Stakeholders Conference – Minutes and Workshops’ outcomes (June 2019)

    This document is a report on the BLUEMED Mediterranean Research Infrastructures Stakeholders Conference that took place in Paris on 13-14 June 2019 with the goal to bring together RIs experts, representatives from Mediterranean public authorities and blue economy stakeholders. The meeting enabled the attendees to propose concrete actions to ensure a strong collaboration and an optimal use of research infrastructures to tackle key challenges faced by the Mediterranean Sea. This report presents the different topics presented during the plenary sessions as well as the main recommendations discussed by the participants when they split into three different working groups.

  • BLUEMED-CSA 2nd Coordinator’s Meeting (January 2019)

    This report presents the outcomes and main points discussed during the BLUEMED 2nd Project Coordinators’ Meeting – Sustaining the Lessons Learned and Enhancing the Bluemed Initiative Synergies that place in Malta on the 25th of January 2019.
    The meeting aimed to bring together coordinators of projects working on Mediterranean/BLUEMED-related projects to share current work, best practices and transfer technical information on the implementation of Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA).

  • Working document for the prioritization of the Bluemed SRIA goals for Implementation based on inputs by countries (April 2019)
    This Working document describes the methodology and draft result of the prioritization effort, which resulted in the selection of 13 priorities for implementation agreed by the involved countries.
    Following the agreement made by the Euro Mediterranean Group of Senior Officials BLUEMED Working Group in Barcelona on October 2018, the BLUEMED SRIA has been updated with the input from non-EU countries and represents now a comprehensive strategy with the views of all stakeholders in the Mediterranean Basin. It is now time to implement a plan, based on actions, to reach objectives that will contribute to address the challenges identified in the BLUEMED SRIA. A first step towards the implementation of the SRIA is to reach a consensus on which are the most pressing goals to achieve and what are the necessary actions to be implemented in order to reach those goals: this is the focus of this Working Documents

  • Marine and Maritime RTDI Strategies – D2.6
    This report represents an overview and analysis of recent R&I strategies and programmes and funding schemes of interest for the BLUEMED Initiative at international, European, regional and national level, a background document to initiate and facilitate dialogue and interaction between research funding agencies of different countries and European Institutions.
    Once the strategic alignment of agendas on areas of mutual interest has been identified, the aim is to lay the groundwork for operational alignment towards the launch of transnational actions.
    It will also provide an auxiliary tool to design the BLUEMED Implementation Plan.

  • Research Infrastructure assessment D3.3.
    This Research Infrastructures Assessment is a preliminary study of existing research infrastructures, to identify needs and gaps and suggest actions to be taken to propose the final roadmap to high level policy makers. It aims to verify whether marine and maritime Research Infrastructures (RI) in the Mediterranean relevant for the SRIA goals already exist or should be upgraded or built, and whether existing RI are satisfactory shared. Five categories of RI have been identified and investigated: research vessels and equipment, marine based facilities, land based facilities, satellites and spatial and marine data management

  • Data Policies and Accessibility Assessment D3.5
    Many EU-funded projects have been exploring ways to construct interoperable approaches to support open-data policies. However, a gap that BLUEMED is trying to bridge is the need to find practical ways to guide potential users through the maze of data that are increasingly becoming available. Attention is paid to the totally different needs that distinct communities have in accessing data. These needs range from the access to raw data (as in the case of scientific communities) to the access to products of variable degrees of elaboration and complexity. BLUEMED aims at defining guides to the potential users of all the marine-related data and products in support to economic growth of the region.

  • Assessment on improving human resources for Blue Careers D3.7

    This documents is a preliminary analysis of existing common practices for training and capacity programs related to Blue Growth issues in the EU and non-EU countries located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It contains data on education systems and programs in different countries and provides overview of opportunities and challenges for the individual countries surveyed, as well as for the region as a whole.

  • BLUEMED Coordinators’ Meeting, D5.1
    The following is a report on the Coordinators’ Meeting that took place in Malta on 11-12 January 2018 with the goal of capitalizing on the results of other mostly EU-funded projects working on topics related to the BLUEMED priorities. The report presents the main points discussed during the meeting as well as recommendations for updating the BLUEMED SRIA and enhancing intra-project collaboration.

  • Non‐EU stakeholders: analysis of R&D strategy/policy/programme and priorities D5.2
    This document is a preliminary analysis of the existing maritime and marine research and development strategies, policies and priorities in non‐European Mediterranean countries. It reflects the vision of non‐EU countries and is preparatory to the Policy dialogue Workshop with non‐EU stakeholders that will occur in November 2017, aimed at identifying the ways toward an alignment of the SRIA with the priorities of non‐European countries and to elaborate a shared agenda.

  • Joint Recommendations for the BLUEMED SRIA D5.3.
    This report summarizes the recommendations issued by non‐EU Med countries for updating the BLUEMED SRIA considering their national priorities. The enlargement of the BLUEMED Initiative to Southern and Eastern non-EU Mediterranean countries and the necessity to establish a shared vision of the R&I priorities for the blue economy in the region is crucial and has been reinforced by the support given by the Union for the Mediterranean in May 2017 and stated in the “Valletta Declaration”.
    In order to take into account the priorities of non‐European countries in the SRIA, a consultation process has been undertaken, with different degrees of participation in the various countries, and their feedback and propositions collected by September 2018 as key part of the extension process.Additional inputs were gathered following the BLUEMED Platforms meeting held in Barcelona on the 24th of October in the framework of the BLUEMED Week, where the SRIA was further discussed with non‐EU countries experts in plenary.

    The resulting updated SRIA 2018 is included in the Annex.

  • BLUEMED Updated Stategic Research and Innovation Agenda
    This document is the first update of the BLUEMED Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA). It includes relevant information gathered through consultation with stakeholders in EU countries. The ongoing consultation process with non-EU countries bordering the Mediterranean will result in a further update of the SRIA taking into consideration common targets and objectives at basin level.



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